Ideas for student projects

My research focuses on robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Human-Computer Interaction and Machine Learning. I have a especial interest in accessibility and multimodal ways of interaction with technology.

There are several lines along which you could do a project with me. Please, get in touch if you are interested in any of them or if you have an idea that fits well within my research area, to discuss and shape a project. You could give your project a different focus depending on your interests and the programme you are studying.

Research lines/ideas for projects

  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) based on natural language for handling the transfer of control in Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) with automation levels 3 and 4. You could focus on its accessibility for instance (e.g. making it usable for people with hearing or speech difficulties). 
  • Control interface/recommender AI system for assisting operators of robotic swarms in extreme environments.
  • Information exchange system between human-robot teams with UV disinfecting robots and the users of the cleaned/disinfected spaces.
  • Projects looking at Improving the accessibility of different technologies to help vulnerable segments of the population (e.g. children or young adults with developmental disabilities, the elderly).
  • Evaluating existing control interfaces for different types of robots in different application areas (we can discuss the robots we have available and an application area you are interested in).

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